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White and grey, a combination that never fails

Finding the balance between all the elements that make up a room is not an easy task. Different combinations of colors and shapes, decorative objects, different floor and wall designs, room size, personal taste... There are various factors to take into account, but if there is one combination that never fails is the union of grey and white within the same space. Two shades that always go together.

Small white ceramic tiles

The color white is considered to be the purest color. It represents tranquility and good vibrations. In addition, it manages to capture all the light and enhance its propagation, giving rise to clearer spaces and providing a greater sense of spaciousness.

Naive White Decocer

Small grey ceramic tiles

At first sight, the color grey may seem cold, but the truth is that when applied to interior decoration it usually presents a high degree of sophistication and subtlety. Its possibilities of chromatic combination are infinite, since it accepts from pastel shades to darker ones, maintaining the serenity and balance that characterize it.

Goofy Decocer

If you are looking to create pleasant spaces in which well-being and elegance reign, you can opt for the combination of white and grey ceramic tiles, two colors with great visual appeal that fit in with any type of kitchen or bathroom, whether in a modern or more traditional style.

The versatility of the mixture of these two shades stands out, since white and grey tiles can be used in all the rooms of the house, achieving excellent results of high aesthetic value and giving the atmospheres a touch of naturalness.

Moreover, the integration of white, grey and wood effect tiles is one of the favourites in architecture and interior design, as it projects simplicity, calm and luminosity into any room.

Kuni Grey Decocer

Finally, if you want to give a personal and warm touch to the rooms, introduce decorative elements, such as fabrics and other objects, in bright colors, like red, green or blue. You will enhance the strength of these shades and fill your home with vitality.

White and grey, always in fashion!

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