With industrial inspiration, the Albatros collection takes us to the workshops converted into a house from the 50s. Large spaces turned into lofts, with cement floors worn down by use.

Aesthetic raw materiality

With a seemingly cold character, ALBATROS manages to bring warmth with the diversity of its pieces with uniform finishes that provide a handmade sensation. The passage of time makes a dent in each piece, but not uniformly. And here lies the charm of the collection: the reality that is transmitted, manages to transport creative studies of those years in which the space was part of the content, but it did take its leading role.

Pure personality that reaches its broadest nuances by combining the pieces with wood, iron and metal. Versatile like few others, the cement effect of the pieces manages to bring a sensation of spaciousness to any atmosphere. In addition, the timelessness of the material can be combined with numerous decorative styles not only adapting to them but reinforcing their spirit.

Based on face brick walls painted in the spaces, with a subtle relief and pastel colours, the pieces are decorated with geometric motifs. The effects of volume are made with the latest technology in digital decoration, providing optimum quality and resistance. Aesthetic and leading-edge design, united in a collection that is presented as one of the most cutting-edge trends in decoration.

Together, Albatros pieces give, with their chromatic combination, warmth and attention to detail. The reliefs of each piece provide the collection with soul, which denotes in a subtle way without losing its essence, the passage of time, which achieves a careful and current vintage aesthetic.


7,5x30 cm

Gloss Matte
White body