Reminding us the Tuscan style, the Provenza collection represents in all its nuances the classic Italian way of life. Textures indicating the passage of time, altered colours and combinations invite us to travel.


Unique features that enforce, in the set, the capability of being transported to a warm day in Italy where the dolce fare niente prevails. Each piece shows unique features that reflect the passing of the years in a different way but, together, give rise to relaxing atmospheres, that are full of history.

The PROVENZA collection represents the retro air of life in big country houses, surrounded by fields and bathed in sunshine during most of their days. Warmth and traditional aromas. Pieces implementing the open character of the most rural Italy with this collection that is full of Italian soul.


Inspired by the typical clay tiles, this series of porcelain tiles reflects the whole tradition in a wide graphic range consisting on four colour versions, three available formats and two versions of decoration. All this maintaining the spirit of the material that denotes the passage of time. And since time is history and each story is different, Cotto's pieces present different nuances which create a realistic atmosphere in the set.

Baked clay has been the king of floor tiles and wall tiles for a long period of time. Nowadays, we can find it in large country houses. In each piece the passage of time can be seen, but they preserve the simple essence of those who have seen time go by and have learned how to age with it. With high resistance and durability, the Cotto collection is designed to provide comfort to everyday rooms.


Full of colour, this series arrives with an irregular edge and relief in pieces of 7.5cmx30cm. The achieved handmade effect offers 8 colours with the country colour. The slight degradation of surface tones evokes the typical worn-down effect of old houses. The degraded mode achieves, with the colour combination, in filling each room with life. A type of life which evokes the most elegant of yesteryear, in which the smallest detail was seen as a nuance that would make all the difference.

Ma che bella sei, is the name that gives life to this collection, and it perfectly represents the delicate and precious essence of each piece. The passage of time marks, with careless precision, the colour degradation which results in exquisite combinations. Inimitable. Unique. Delicate elegance in each tone, which contributes to a vintage aesthetic, the most modern-day trend.


Pieces in wood effect with rustic inspiration, a faithful representation of Italian country houses. Made with porcelain tiles and available in three unique tones that evoke unprocessed material, Legno is one of the collections that combines tradition and aesthetic. Wood is the queen, and it acquires very different personalities depending on its surroundings. It blends in with the atmosphere, providing a natural and carefree character.

This is how the pieces from the Legno collection are. Rustic but timeless. With a strong personality that can be the decorative support which complements the set, or they can become the real main attraction in the room. The rural character of the collection manages to make any space become a relaxing atmosphere surrounded by nature. Only by nature.

9.3x46.7 7.5x30 7x28 14x28

Matte Gloss
Porcelain White body