The collection evokes the vintage style but looks for a new point of view of renewed air regarding the trend collections of the moment.


The vintage aesthetic is more fashionable than ever, and the Tortona collection has been able to enhance its image, achieving, with every nuance, the perfect contribution of wear through the passage of time while continuing the fashion that prevails in the most cutting-edge indoors.

Milan, the capital of fashion, reflects its influence in terms of style, with touches of modern elegance that perfectly balance the traditional aesthetic of the collection. In short, pieces that evoke the past but with a deep look at the future in terms of decorative style. Perfect combinations for decorating all types of floor tiles and wall tiles and providing, with subtlety, the most current decoration.


Full of nuances, this series provides a great personality inspired by the traditional old motif tile that recovers its basic colours. The passage of time is reflected in an original way in this collection where, the soft tones are diffused giving way to the original chromatics of the material.

The trend that marked an era, is lost little by little between realistic textures, resulting in the substance in its essence. Between the vintage effect and the timeless harmony, Tortona is able to adapt to numerous decorative styles, providing a strong personality. Its wide range of colours makes this a highly combinable collection with various decorative styles. In addition, Tortona’s square tiles are very versatile and easily adaptable to any surface.

20x20 cm