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We help you shape your product. You can ask for a price quotation or make an appointment with us to go over all the fine details.
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In order to shape great ideas, it is important to start from the small parts which make it up. We customise each tile depending on the format you are looking for. Let’s start building atmospheres by focusing on the small piece measurements which will shape them.
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The colour palette will be
The custom-made tile colour directly influences the perception of the set. The colour starts from the combination between the requirements and the personality of each project. Choose the tile colour tone by not only focusing on the aesthetic, but also on the overall sense you want the space to convey. The possibility of having pieces customised provides infinite results by combining the colours which will make everything up, resulting in a unique world.
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How many square metres do you need?
The physical space available turns out to be key when it comes to putting the set together. Provide us with the surface width and height, and we will calculate the m2 you can work with. In this way, we will also estimate the number of pieces you will need, as accurately as possible.
What type of ceramic are you looking for?
Each ceramic piece will be a small part of the canvas on which your customer will have a space decorated. Depending on its function, that canvas will have some different characteristics of texture, quality and resistance. Let us know if you are interested in custom-made floor tiles, or on the contrary, in wall tiles.
Each idea takes shape, much earlier than becoming a reality, in the imagination. If your mind has already moved into the world while we are designing, let us know about some slight touches you want to make. In this way, you will help us reproduce, as true as possible, the conversion of material into custom-made tiles so that the final result is the one that was first on your mind.
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