Personified elegance. The Florence collection, with its pure lines and glossy finish, is characterized by a natural perfection that makes it suitable for all types of wall tiles.


The colours which complete the collection contain the exact balance between a cutting-edge style and timeless class, perfect characteristics for all kinds of decorative styles.

Florencia, which refers to the most beautiful city in Italy, is a collection that improves the atmosphere aesthetic with its highly adaptable finishes and extreme versatility. As a bonus, the collection presents unbeatable quality thanks to the cutting-edge procedures with which each of the Decocer pieces are made, which increases its resistance. This quality makes Florencia a perfect collection for areas with wetness or high temperatures.

7.5x30 7.5x15 7x28 9.3x46.7 14x28
20x20 14.2x14.2 15x15

Matte Gloss Satin
White body Porcelain Gres white body

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