Cerámica a medida en una vivienda de Villarreal
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ArDecoprojects: Three ceramic formats in a house in Villarreal

A house must convey calmness and comfort. To this effect, it is vital to know how to choose building materials which not only create a relaxing fresh atmosphere but also meet the demands of maintenance and cleaning which, result in an easier life for the occupants. In order to provide the house in Villareal with an intimate minimal touch, the choice was the best ceramic by Decocer. Small-format tiles which perfectly meet the aesthetic structural challenges of this project.   


Perfect size with 6x6 inches tiles

Square tiles are back stronger than ever, this is the reason why that in one of the houses in the bathroom, the choice was 6x6 inches tiles in black. A tone which breaks with the organisation and balance offered by the square format. Specifically, it has been used as a wall tile, although it can be used in flooring in extraordinary finishes.  


“Custom made”, cut-to-size tiles with 3.9x12 format

The endless possibilities of customisation offered by Decocer was the deciding factor for the owners of this house. In one of the rooms, small-size tiles with a highly special format (3.9x12) were a must have. A size which was possible thanks to the custom made ceramic tile service by Decocer.




Infinite surfaces with 3x18 inches tiles

Lastly, and also in the bathroom, the 3x18 inches tile was included as a type of covering. Rectangular-shaped floor tiles which are able to give a sense of spaciousness or height depending how they are placed.  




Three ceramic formats for three aesthetic functions.

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