Imitation wood porcelain tiles that are inspired by the old boat decks. A trend made tile that has irregular colour covering due to the achieved effect of wear and tear.


With a wavy relief, it presents the characteristic sawed effect of the wood, providing naturalness to the rooms in which it is inserted.

A clear tribute to the use of hardwood as the main raw material, Camden stays true to the real texture of wood, with organic touches and visible grains which bring reality to the set. Tradition is reflected in each piece from the collection that seeks to maintain the character from long ago but, while maintaining a modern-day style which works with any project.

3x12 3x6 2.7x11 3.54x18.9 5.51x11.02
8x8 5.6x5.6 6x6

Matte Gloss Satin
White body Porcelain Gres white body

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