City is one of the most versatile collections by Decocer. This has managed to keep a current look despite presenting a smooth texture that evokes the passage of time.


In three different formats and seven tones, the possibilities of combinations from City make it an essential one for all types of decorative styles.

Its finish, with soft, worn colourings, allows the white from the white paste to penetrate the different shades from the collection, giving rise to the most current vintage, which is a trend in decoration, and furthermore, it is well on its way to becoming a classic. With the right pastel colours and irregular textures that are enhanced at the edges, City is a must in Scandinavian, vintage and chic decorations.

3x12 3x6 2.7x11 3.54x18.9 5.51x11.02
8x8 5.6x5.6 6x6

Matte Gloss Satin
White body Porcelain Gres white body

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