The achieved 'handmade' effect is very present in this collection. With live aesthetic, the pieces show irregular edges and reliefs with different thicknesses in each piece. This collection gets to go back in time, but without losing the cutting-edge essence of modern-day decoration.


A wide range of colours, formats and finishes that make Devon a collection that is 100% adaptable.

The handmade style is the leading trend in decoration, and Devon knows how to reflect it with the maximum fidelity, evoking the passage of time in a quiet way and giving all the importance to the traditional elaboration. An elaboration that is not incompatible with the qualities presented by a collection characterized by the functionality of its materials.

3x12 3x6 2.7x11 3.54x18.9 5.51x11.02
8x8 5.6x5.6 6x6

Matte Gloss Satin
White body Porcelain Gres white body

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