Recreating the works of art made on paper, Origami presents dynamic tiles which, combined with each other, offer original graphic compositions.


The geometry combinations become infinite with the 10 types of figures that we can find in this collection. As if it were art in motion, Origami is one of the most creative collections by Decocer, which allows you to customise the atmosphere to the max, giving it the movement effect.

As if it were origami, the pieces of the collection seem to merge with each other, resulting in a wide range of results. The available tones are showcased on beige or grey bases, and they are combined with pastel tones such as yellow and blue, or with intense brown colours to evoke a more rural vintage style.

3x12 3x6 2.7x11 3.54x18.9 5.51x11.02
8x8 5.6x5.6 6x6

Matte Gloss Satin
White body Porcelain Gres white body

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