We have been developing small size tiles and distributing them worldwide for more than 30 years. Our ceramic products are in the collections of the most prestigious ceramic firms and are Great Ceramic Treasures that add value to the brands.

We work on innovation ceramic design in an orderly, profitable and sustainable.


Our main purpose is based on the Value of Small Details to create beauty through the tile and, to achieve this, in addition to keeping up with fashion, we strive to be agile and improve our production processes to be able to produce the latest ceramic trend finishes and continuously expand the range of tiles with a Superior Quality standard.


People are, without any doubt, the heart of our company. At Decocer we currently have professionals who live following ceramic trends, capable of leading, planning and facing internationalization processes for continuous growth.

We advise our clients by providing all our knowledge of trends and our own personal style to inspire and help them find the ceramic product that best suits them.

Decocer has its own design team that is always open to new ideas and constant experimentation, faithful to the culture of innovative thinking that characterizes us.

We follow the highest production standards for our ceramic pieces and value the craftsmanship involved in the manufacture of our products.


We are determined to continue innovating and improving our efficiency by improving our facilities and technical means on a daily basis, with the aim of having a positive influence on the planet.