At Decocer we have the small size tiles you need. We sell tailor-made ceramic products that adapt to the style and budget of your company. 

The Decocer small formats tile factory offers a wide and varied range of ceramic products that include everything from porcelain floor tiles to white body and porcelain wall tiles of excellent ceramic quality. We create and adapt graphics, color palettes and ceramic glaze effects on the surface based on customer requirements. 

Hydraulic type tiles, ceramic hexagons, geometric shaped tiles, feather shaped tiles, ceramic trapezoids, beveled tiles, small size picket tiles, ceramic bricks and 3D tiles. Ceramic collections imitating woods, marbles, cements, stones, cottos, metals… for all ceramic projects. Tiles with reactive ceramic glazes, with unique tiles designs.  

Porcelain Tiles: Small format floor and wall tiles of great resistance and quality, for indoor and outdoor ceramic projects. Small size tiles for swimming pools and water areas. Design and production tailored to the priorities of our customers. 

White Paste Tiles: Quality tiles for bathrooms and kitchens, easy to clean. Perfect for kitchen backsplashes. Elegant and quality ceramic tile finishes. Decocer manufactures small tile sizes made to measure. Discover our extensive range of high quality ceramic products.